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The Gnostic Institute of Universal Esoteric Studies, located in Long Beach, California, is dedicated to revealing a Sacred Path that exists at the heart of the world's Wisdom teachings.

We invite you to attend our public lectures and meditations in both English and Spanish which are offered to the public on a donation basis.

Discover for yourself the liberating knowledge that has been revealed for the benefit of all Humanity. 

The Path of Liberation

Gnosis provides the keys to unlock the Universal truths hidden in all great religions for anyone to verify for him or herself. The purpose of Gnosis is to alleviate the suffering of Humanity through the path of Awakening Consciousness.

The ultimate Secret of Secrets, properly understood, is indicated by the words inscribed upon the Temple of Apollo at Delphi:

"Man know thyself"

Humanity, all of us, live with our consciousness asleep. This condition is rooted in anger, greed, lust, pride, gluttony, sloth and envy which together comprise the predominant state of humanity. These defects themselves are the agent that arrests the development of human consciousness. We, mankind, suffer due to the lack of self-knowledge, an ignorance of our own nature.

All genuine enlightenment begins with knowledge of ourselves. Gnosis, as revealed by the great XXth century gnostic master Samael Aun Weor, teaches the exact method for the comprehension and the elimination of our defects, resulting in the end of suffering for ourselves and for those around us.

What is necessary in order to end our suffering? Nothing less than a revolution! Our minds are so profoundly conditioned that nothing less than psychological revolution can provide the insight that will liberate us from the hypnosis of the false Ego.

The study of Gnosis is a practical path utilizing meditation, esoteric science, sacred psychology (Grk psyche="Soul"), and Alchemy to achieve intimate self-realization of the Being.

This Path of Initiation known in ancient times was traditionally practiced in the inner sanctums of the great religions. Our own age demands that this knowledge now be open to all. This knowledge applies to everyone. However, each must come to his or her own Gnosis, his or her own personal comprehension of the Truth.

Self Realization

Self-realization means fulfilling those possibilities inherent but latent in humanity. Self-realization demands a knowledge of the Path of Liberation. This Path has been known and preserved in Wisdom teachings through each generation dating into Antiquity. This Path has objective milestones, requirements related to the nature of the Path, to Man; who he is and why he is here, and the role he plays in the Cosmos.


Self realization demands unlocking knowledge by direct experience. The Greek word "Gnosis" means direct experiential knowledge. This direct knowledge takes the form of mastery of ourself. This is Will. Also, one must Dare. One must have Faith, which is action. Silence and Patience are required in order to transmute the lead of personality alchemically into the gold of the Human Soul. Only then will we truly know what Love is and why it is the sum of wisdom.

Magnum Opus

This is the Great Work or Magnum Opus of all traditions. Only by conscious efforts do we verify the truth of the Tradition and penetrate to the heart of the esoteric wisdom, synthesized by Meditation, Kabbalah, and Alchemy.

The need to believe is eliminted by Gnosis, by direct knowledge of the truth. On this Path, as the Gospel of St. John states, the truth becomes a spring of living water for us wherever it is encountered.

The Three Factors

The Path of Self-realization is not gained by blind acceptance or by mere intellectual knowledge. The science of awakening positively is based on three factors: Birth, Death, and Sacrifice. Birth is the creation of the Human Soul, Death is the Mystery of Mystical Death, the death of the Ego, and Sacrifice is what we do for our fellow Humanity. These three factors are supported upon the Four Pillars of Science, Religion, Art and Philosophy. 


The word religion is derived from the Latin word Religare, meaning, "to unite", and refering to the union with God. Although religions may fail this sacred duty to unite man with God, Gnosis teaches that it is a mistake to throw out the baby with the bath water by ignoring the spiritual reality behind religion and knowledge of the sacred related to Religare.

"all religions are pearls strung on the golden thread of divinity."

Samael Aun Weor Logos, Mantra, Theurgy

Direct knowledge comes to us from our essence, part of God within us. This is why Jesus said, The Kingdom of God is Within. Universal esotericism understands that God within is the Being. Our connection to God is through this spark within. If religion does not help us to establish connection with that spark, it is not actual religion. Gnosis, direct experiential knowledge at all levels, is connection with God.


Samael Aun Weor

The venerable Samael Aun Weor was an awakened master. Born with the ability to remember his own past lives, he was able to assemble and bring together knowledge of the complete Path of Self-Realization. In over 60 books and thousands of lectures, Master Samael delivered the Path of liberation in its entirety to Humanity. By showing the internal relationship between the various esoteric teachings that lead to One Universal Truth, Master Samael has revealed a scientific, verifiable path to attain Self-Realization, based upon his own personal experience. This Path, both a Science and an Art, deals with the elimination of the psychologically defective ego and the development of the Human Soul; the prerequisites for attainment of the Self-Realization of the Being. 




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